Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He brought me flowers

These are Camellia's they grow on small tree's that kind of look like bushes.  They are evergreens but only flower in the winter and early spring.  Fun fact about Camellia's, the tea plant is a member of the camellia family.  I learned about these flowers from my old neighbor Larry, he used to bring them to me when I lived in Defuniak.  He had a tree in his backyard.  They make awesome floating flower arrangements.

Normally Tyler doesn't believe in cut flowers, he grows them for me in the yard.  His philosophy is that if he plants me flowers I will have them all of the time, but if he cuts me flowers it's killing the flowers and they only last a short while.  Honestly I think he brought these home because he was trying to figure out what plant they came from.  He always brings me plants to identify.  Regardless I got to enjoy their beauty and I learned the tea plants is member of the Camellia family so it's a win all the way around.

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