Monday, February 6, 2012

Lavender Heart Soap Tutorial

You will need:
· 24oz white melt and pour soap base
· Lavender Essential Oil
· Vanilla Soap Fragrance
· 2 oz Lavender Soap buds
· Purple Soap Dye
· Heart Soap Mold

All of these ingredients can be found at your local Michael’s, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. 

You will also need a glass bowl to melt the soap in and a microwave to melt the soap.  A kitchen knife to cut the soap with.  I use a metal spoon to stir with and a bamboo stick to stir with once I add color and fragrance.   This particular mold is a silicone baking pan I purchased from Target.   The bars are about 3oz.
Cut the soap into 1 oz squares and put into microwave safe bowl. 
Microwave 1 min at a time stirring after each minute until completely melted. 
Now it’s time to add the fragrance, lavender and color.  Make sure you are using Soap Dye and not food coloring as food coloring will stain your hands and body. And it will run.
Add 30 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
15 Drops Vanilla Fragrance
2 oz lavender buds
20 drops purple soap dye (add more until you get the color you want)

Stir until blended then pour into molds, allow to set until hard

Once the soap has fully cured remove from mold

Now all that’s left to do is package and enjoy.  I like to use the little cellophane treat bags that  you can also get at your local craft store. 

Enjoy the soap, Happy Valentines Day!

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