Friday, February 10, 2012

Strawberries comming to my backyard real soon

Last year in our garden we planted strawberries, we had a pretty good showing with them in the early months of the year April and May and then they stopped fruiting but they were still pretty healthy so we kept them in the garden.  We had a nice experience last year with everything we planted, we were still harvesting tomatoes and peppers well into December.  Now that it's February most of the plants from last year's garden have died off with the exception of the herbs we transplanted and our strawberries.  Now this is my first experience with having strawberries planted in the winter months so imagine my surprise when I went out to the garden this morning and I saw..........


I thought for sure this must be some fluke of the unseasonably warm weather...... 

 So I did a little research.  Turns out I was woefully misinformed.  November through April are the optimal growing months for strawberries here in the Florida Panhandle, which explains why we have a strawberry festival here every February.  Upon further investigation I realized the strawberry festival is actually going on this weekend.  Now my face is red, I wish I didn't have to work or I would go to the festival.  Oh well I guess I'll just have to buy some ripe one's and make a strawberry shortcake for us to enjoy here at home.   

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